Becoming a Sea Cadet or Leaguer-

Before prospective cadets can be admitted to the Corps, the following admission criteria must be considered:


Ages 11-13 may join League Cadets (NLCC).  

Ages 14-18, or as long as they are enrolled in high school may join Sea Cadets (NSCC).


Applicants must be a United States Citizen.

They must possess good moral character, be unmarried, not pregnant, and drug, felony, and misdemeanor free.


Cadet Applicants must be able to accept discipline as a personal challenge leading to advancement and leadership opportunities.


Cadet Applicants must be enrolled in school or home schooled and have a satisfactory scholastic standing.

drill attendance

Cadets are required to attend a minimum of 75% of scheduled drills.


Cadets are expected to work diligently to learn NSCC Regulations, Basic Military Requirements (BMR), attend Recruit Training (Boot Camp), earn promotions, and participate in most unit activities. Leaguers are expected to complete the NLCC SYLLABUS and attend Leaguer Orientation with in the first year of joining.

Physical examination

A medical examination similar to a high school sports physical is required for all cadet applicants to the Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) or Navy League Cadet Corps (NLCC). No one will be denied admission to the NSCC/NLCC due to a medical disability. Where a medical condition precludes full, unlimited participation, the parent or guardian may present, for review, a Request for Accommodation (NSCADM 015) so the cadet may participate to the maximum extent possible in NSCC activities.  Cadet Applicants must take a Physical Readiness Test (minimum-sports type) to determine their degree of fitness for entry into the NSCC.

drill attendance

Cadets are required to attend a minimum of 75% of scheduled drills. 


Enrollment fees are $150.00 for the first year and $150.00 each year thereafter.  Fees are payable to the Michigan Commanders Battalion USNSCC.  Fees include:

  • Enrollment in USNSCC/USNLCC
  • NSCC NWU Uniform with Flashes- All Cadets/Leaguers
  • Name Tapes or Name Tag for all Uniforms
  • Winter/Summer Dress Uniforms- NSCC ONLY
  • Uniform Lease (as available at our unit)

Note: You will have to purchase or provide your own PT gear, and possibly some uniforms items for NLCC Salt-n-Pepper Uniform, Combat Boots and Dress footwear for Cadets/Leaguers, ect... 

*This program is NOT for everyone. Those who join with parents support are required to fulfill the 1 year commitment to the program. at re-enrollment the cadet and parents can decide whether to commit or leave. if interested please use contact form below to begin the process of scheduling an interview with our unit staff*


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