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The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps is comprised of two programs; US Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC/NSCC) and the US Naval League Cadet Corps (USNLCC/NLCC). The USNSCC is directed at young people aged 13 through the completion of High School. The USNLCC is directed at young people aged 10-13. The NLCC is the junior program to the NSCC, and is included under the NSCC's umbrella.

How It Started

In 1962, at the request of the Department of the Navy, the Navy League of the United States was asked to create a program that would "create a favorable image of the Navy on the part of American youth." Over fifty years later, the USNSCC is still going strong with well over 300 units, much like the Michigan Commanders Battalion, and over 9,000 cadets actively enrolled in the program nationwide.

Our mission

The mission of the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps is inclusive of the following four goals:

  1. Develop an interest and ability in seamanship and seagoing skills
  2. Instill virtues of good citizenship and strong moral principles in each cadet
  3. Demonstrate the value of a drug-free, alcohol-free, and gang-free lifestyle
  4. Expose cadets to the prestige of public service and a variety of career paths through hands-on training with our nation's armed services

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